Patron SFO

Dr. Madan Kumar Piya, (NEPAL)
SAARC Federation of Oncologists (SFO)

It is my great pleasure to welcome you all at the 10th SAARC Federation of Oncologists (SFO) and 20th Pakistan Society of Clinical Oncologists (PSCO) International Conference being held in Karachi, Pakistan from 9th to 11th October 2015. As we all know that the 1st SFO conference which started in Bangladesh in 2001 has been followed by Nepal, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bhutan. Now it is the second time that Pakistan has got the opportunity of holding this conference. We are still trying hard to establish the relation and involve colleagues from Afghanistan and Maldives which I hope will succeed soon. SFO was started in 2001 and 14 years have been completed by our organization. I would like to thank and acknowledge each and every member of the organizations in helping to bring the SFO to the present stage. My congratulations and special thanks to this year’s organizers for SFO and PSCO who has worked so hard to bring the conference to this level in spite of hard ship that organization had to bear.
I wish the conference a great success.