The word “Clinical Oncologist” means “A Clinical Oncologist being a mdo my research paper cheapedically qualified person professionally engaged in the management of patients who have cancer using radiation and other appropriate methods of treatment”.


1. To serve and promote the cause of specialty of clinical oncology and allied sciences involved in the treatment of cancer.
2. To provide the service to the community by applying the diagnostic, therapeutic and research potential of this specialty.
3. To promote the academic activities in the field of Clinical Oncology and allied sciences at under-graduate & postgraduate level by organizing conferences, seminars, symposia and creating a web-site etc.
4. To promote the rights and interests of it’s members including teachers and consultants working in the field of clinical oncology and allied sciences in Pakistan.
5. To promote awareness about the biological effects of radiation.
6. To promote the awareness about prevention and early detection essay writing service of cancer among physicians and public.
7. To design and conduct research in its different fields and to promote research activities by providing assistance by all possible means including funding of projects.
8. To encourage, guide and motivate and help young doctors to obtain higher qualification in the study.
9. To organize training courses for the trainees in different fields.
10. To work in collaboration with different awarding bodies in achieving better educational and training standards of future specialist field.
11. To promote and spread the relevant knowledge by using electronic and print media.
12. To help assist and advise different regulatory and administrative departments and bodies to define the true perspective of specialty.
13. To help and assist the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, Board of Studies of Universities, and other autonomous educational, regulatory and advisory bodies in establishing new specialties in their true scope and right.
14. To promote medical Ethics in general and as applied in the specialty of Clinical Oncology and its in allied sciences in particular.
15. To express its views on all laws promulgated in Pakistan relating to medical profession in general, and the specialty of clinical oncology and its allied scienes in particular.
16. To coordinate and facilitate in sharing the resources of different institutions.
17. To promote continued medical education.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]