PSCO Education

PSCO Education

PSCO has the Primary focus on :

  1. Residents & PG Corner
  2. Physics & RTTs
  3. Oncology Nurses & Paramedics
  4. Patients

And developing programs as follows:

Newsletter-Monthly/ Magazine- Quarterly/Journal of PSCO Credentials of Clinical Oncologist/Publications/achievements

National Clinical Oncology Guidelines

Its long awaited that PSCO should have “National Clinical Oncology Guidelines” local guidelines to practice safe Clinical/Radiation Oncology in the country with limited resources without compromising the quality of life and survivals.
To start with the most frequent cancers, Head and Neck and Breast cancer guidelines to complete within 12 months.  

National Clinical Oncology Syllabus

Academic council may develop “National Clinical Oncology Syllabus” that will be a minimum information for a candidate to practice safe Clinical/radiation oncology in the country. The need of this document is to develop the expertise at the uniform information levels that required to practice Clinical/radiation oncology safely in the country, whatever the qualification in oncology they have.

Concept of “College of Clinical Oncology Pakistan- CCOP”

Moreover, I wish that PSCO may develop enough in future that it provides the best human resource and expertise to the country to manage cancer patients. This may be possible by establishing “College of Clinical Oncology Pakistan- CCOP”.This college will cater all the non-surgical specialties practicing in the country for cancer patients.

PSCO- National Post Graduate Forums

CPSP- College of Physcians& Surgeons Pakistan:
PSCO bridges the faculty of Radiotherapy and supervisors/Fellows to make a training more uniform, friendly on worldwide standards for the residents.
PSCO will work like a supply line to the faculty for development / review of MCQs, development of TOACS stations. Also get involved in Review of TOS, accreditation, and examination issues.


  • National Programs
  • International Placements