PSCO Relationship

PSCO Relationship

PSCO- Relationship with International Forums

PSCO believes in developing relationships with International Cancer Bodies to contribute in the programs that help in improving cancer care patient management.
PSCO, with its friendly and cooperative moves want to establish the laison with international bodies to develop expert human resourse and to creatoppurtunities for the trainees and working Oncologists to have placements in various overseas advance hospitals and to learn more about the current oncologic requirements for the patients.
In this regards, currently, PSCO has already following international partners:

PSCO is the member society of:

  • Federation of Asian Radiation Oncologists (FARO)
  • SAARC federation of Oncologists (SFO)

PSCO Endorsing Societies:

  • European Society of Medical Oncology-Asia ( ESMO-Asia)
  • Middle East Society for Radiation Oncology (MESTRO)

PSCO Strong Collaborators:

  • Indonesian Radiation Oncology Society (IROS)
  • Japanese Society for Radiation Oncology (JASTRO)

Moreover, we are looking forward for further associations to improve the expertise skill and cancer patient management with limited resourse.

PSCO- Relationship with International Forums

At the inaugural session of SFO.

Representing Pakistan and giving speech as Vice President of SFO

Relationship with Government

Need to establish a task force to set a meeting with federal & provincials health Ministers.
Task force may develop a rapport with the Federal Health committee formed by the Honorable Prime Minister.
a–“Cancer Emergency”: TF will give advice to the Government to declare “Cancer Emergency” in the country, observing the increasing trend of cancer in the country, particularly in younger age group.
b-“Upgrading of Existing Cancer Centers and Development of new Cancer Centers”, TF will give an advice on Improvement in existing cancer centers in the country and development of new cancer centers.
Cancer Registry development to assess the true requirement of budget for the development of new cancer centers and for the uplift of preexisting cancer centers regionally as per need.
Need to pool the available basic Cancer registry from public and private institutions.
Need to know the cancer burden in the country and to allocate the resources for prevention, management and follow-up.

PSCO- Relationship with Industry

PSCO has various opportunities for the pharmaceutics, Machine vendors, biomedical equipment companies, and others to participate in the activities like:

1. Oncologist Education: Holding conferences, symposia, seminars, lectures, webinars, short meetings, placements in specialized centers in the country or overseas for site specific management of cancer and literary support for the doctors in training as wel as for the continuous professional development of the practicing Oncologists in the country.

2. Patient Education: Holding free medical camps for cancer awareness in the schools, universities, community, and on webinars. To educate the patients and their families regarding cancer vaccinations. Risk factors eliminations, patient advocacy etc.

3. Sampling: providing free medications, patient support programs, free prescriptions, etc.