Current Membership Committee

Membership Types

There are two types of memberships:


“Full Members” shall be those who satisfy the following requirement:
1. Should be qualified Clinical Oncologists/Radiation Oncologist.
2. Should hold the qualification of FCPS Radiotherapy, FRCR Clinical Oncology, M.D Oncology, DMRT, MCPS Radiotherapy, Diplomat American Board of Radiation Oncology or equivalent
degrees recognized by PMDC.
3. Should be in active practice in any aspect of clinical oncology or radiation oncology.
4. Should have the credentials approved by the membership committee.


“Associate Members” shall be Individuals who are qualified in other oncology related disciplines including Medical Oncology, Hematology, Pediatric Oncology, Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, physicians from other disciplines having interest in Oncology like; Gynecology, Medicine, Surgery, ENT, Pediatrics, Urology, Psychiatry, Pathology, etc. Other health care professionals associated with Clinical oncology like: Medical Physicist, Radiation technologists and nurses dealing with oncology and working in Chemotherapy/Radiation therapy departments.

Membership Fee

Currently there is no membership fee. It may be reviewed in future.

Membership Benefits

Members have full representation of PSCO with Membership Number and Membership Certificate.

Members can enjoy the discounted rates of registration for the annual conference held by PSCO.
Members can apply for the travel grants and sponsorships for attending conferences, registrations or courses for their professional/academic development.

Members have the right to apply for their active contribution towards society and oncology community and to become a part of various Task forces in PSCO.

“Full Members” have the right to vote for the PSCO Executive Council Elections.

Disqualification of Members

  1. The membership of any members shall be terminated upon the occurrence of any of the following events.
    1. The resignation of the member, or
    2. The occurrence of any event which renders such a member ineligible for membership
  2. By three-fourth (3/4) vote of the executive council and voting at a regular PSCO council meeting, a member may be expelled from PSCO & his membership terminated, or a member may be suspended, or a member may be censured for any of the following:
    1. Violation of the by laws of PSCO
    2. Failure in the material and serious degree to observe the rules of conduct of PSCO, or engage in conduct materially and seriously prejudicial to the interests of PSCO.
  3. Following the determination that a member shall be expelled, suspended, or censured under paragraph (b), article IV
    1. The President shall issue the notice of disqualification.
    2. Any disciplinary activity finally taken by PSCO against a member shall be promptly reported to all other members.

General Requirements to become a Member

To fill in Membership form given on website.

Complete updated CV

Primary qualification (Degree) Copy.

Current appointment letter Copy.

Two references  from the respective field.

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