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INMOL Cancer Hospital

INMOL Cancer Hospital

Today world is both very rich and very poor and medical treatments particularly of cancer disease is almost impossible for poor part of nation. Life is blessing of GOD and we all should contribute to save this blessing .We have to reduce death rate of poor cancer patients by providing them appropriate medical facilities. It can be difficult for someone diagnosed with cancer to navigate the various financial resources available to him or her. Even with government-funded insurance plans most cancer patients still need additional financial assistance.

INMOL hospital is making great efforts in this regard. Resources are scarce so we must use them where they can have the largest effect. INMOL hospital has its ai???Patient welfare societyai??? (PWSI) which is devoted to promote and safeguard the preservation of human life and dignity that works with mission to help the lives of the cancer patients medically, socially, economically and psychologically. PWSI provides free medicines to deserving patients and INMOL house is reserved for the travelling patients provided with all necessary facilities with arrangements of breakfast and lunch for patients and their attendants. In ward deserving patients are provided meals and milkshakes and sehr-o- iftar in Ramzan with Eid hampers that are gifted to needy indoor as well as outdoor patients. PWSI also facilitates blood transfusion through the cell separator. Patients are taught various crafts and are paid for their labour. The best way to understand us is by looking how we are supporting the deserving patients.






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