Cancer Prevention & Cancer Awareness Campaign

The alarming increase in the number of cancer patients in Pakistan, PSCO launched the Cancer Prevention Campaign in the country and increase the opportunities for the public to get information on cancer causing agents: Dietary, Viral and other environmental factors awareness that contributing in Cancer development.Patient awareness, advocacy & survivorship Screening  for Cancer of the cervix , colorectal cancer,Breast cancer Prevention of tobacco-related malignancies Prevention through dietary factors, obesity, alcohol consumption & exercise. To promote available Screening Programs and to make them accessible and cheaper to everyone. To publish about the  Cancer  vaccinations for the community  and make vaccine availability at  subsidized cost. PSCO has the programs to offer the cancer  vaccinations for the community to prevent cancer development. Need to pool the available basic Cancer registry from public and private institutions. Need to know the cancer burden in the country and to allocate the resources for prevention, management and follow-up. Should highlight the frequency and trend of Cancer in different age, and gender, etc on PSCO website for the reference.