International Relation

PSCO- Relationship with International Forums

PSCO believes in developing relationships with International Cancer Bodies to contribute in the programs that help in improving cancer care patient management.
PSCO, with its friendly and cooperative moves want to establish the laison with international bodies to develop expert human resourse and to creatoppurtunities for the trainees and working Oncologists to have placements in various overseas advance hospitals and to learn more about the current oncologic requirements for the patients.
In this regards, currently, PSCO has already following international partners:
  • European Society of Medical Oncology-Asia ( ESMO-Asia)
  • Federation of Asian Radiation Oncologists(FARO)
  • North America association of Pakistani Doctors

Moreover, we are looking forward for further associations to improve the expertise skill and cancer patient management with limited resourse.

PSCO- Relationship with International Forums

At the inaugural session of SFO.

Representing Pakistan and giving speech as Vice President of SFO