Synergy-S , Linac based radiosurgery system for brain and body later upgraded with Agility Head in 2020.

Dr Azhar Rashid emerged as a first Radiosurgeon of Pakistan from Oncology community and currently he is serving as Director, Linac Based Radiosurgery at NCCI.

Very wel balanced expert Radiosurgery team started this radiosurgery center in 2008.

Dr Aftab Ahmed (Neurosurgeon), Dr Naveed Ahmed (Radiologist), Mr. Usman Ahmed (Medical Physicist). Currently, Dr Abid Saleem (Neurosurgeon) is running Gamma Knife unit.

NCCI has treated about 3500 patients on Gamma Knife and 2300 patients on Synergy-S during early 2020.

Radiation Oncology and Neurosurgery Residents completing their rotations in this center.

This center is also equipped with 60 Slicer PETCT, 90 cm Bore CT Simulator, 1.5 Tesla MRI, 0.3 Tesla MRI.