Patron in Chief

Prof. S. Hassan Manzoor Zaidi

It gives me immense pleasure to write down about PSCO which we started about 30 years ago. In 1986, a group of renowned international oncologists gathered at Hyderabad under W.H.O for deliberation on oncology for the benefit of Pakistani Oncologists. This triggered a nucleus for formation of a Society of Oncologist in Pakistan. The Pakistan Society of Clinical Oncology came into existence in 2004. Over the years by the grace of all mighty Allah, number has grown into a blooming Society – “The Pakistan Society of Clinical Oncology”. This was a long journey but we achieved it successfully. People will come and go. I wish all the best for this society. I being patron in chief of this society will continue till my health will allow for it. All the best PSCO.


Dr. Mohammad Faheem

Pakistan Society of Clinical Oncology is a  registered society of all practicing oncologists of Pakistan. Under this umbrella, all clinical oncologists, medical oncologists, hematologists, pediatric oncologists, surgical oncologists, medical physicists and all allied specialties gather once in a year to share their knowledge. I feel quite honored that I was selected president of this society in 2016. We are struggling hard to keep this society updated and encouraging young oncologists of Pakistan to take the leading role. PSCO hold its annual conference every year. Both national and international speakers presents their data. PSCO elects its council after every two years with online election.  My best wishes are with PSCO.

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